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Rapid determination of carboxyhemoglobin in blood by Oximeter.

Different methods to determine carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) in blood are described in the literature. In our laboratory three methods to analyze COHb in post-mortem blood samples were compared: the spectrophotometric method of Maehly, a gas chromatographic method with a thermal conductivity detector (GC- TCD) and the Oximeter. Several COHb containing blood samples of deceased persons were analyzed. Results of all three methods were comparable for low concentrations (ca. 10% COHb) as well as for high concentrations (ca. 80% COHb) regardless of the viscosity of the blood samples. The advantages of the Oximeter when compared to Maehly's method and GC- TCD are extreme short time of analysis (<1min), very small blood volume required (<0.1ml) and easy handling. In our opinion application of the Oximeter is not limited to analyses of blood samples from living persons (e.g. in clinical toxicology); it can as well be used for the determination of COHb in post-mortem blood samples. Hence it is a useful and time saving tool in forensic toxicology.[1]


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