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Characterization of a non-pigment producing Monascus purpureus mutant strain.

A characterization of a non-pigment producing mutant Monascus purpureus M12 compared with its parental strain Monascus purpureus Went CBS 109.07 has been performed aiming to investigate the relation between pigment biosynthesis and other characteristics of these fungi. A comparison has been made of morphological features, some physiological properties and biochemical activities of both strains. The albino mutant exhibits an anamorph life cycle, high conidia forming capability, slower radial growth rate and temperature sensitivity. The assimilation capacity of both strains for mono-, disaccharides and some alcohols is in the same range (Yx/c 0.2 - 0.35), while the red strain has a higher fermentation capacity. In a selected albino mutant, the growth rate, metabolic activity and capacity for production of typical for Monascus fungi secondary metabolites were reduced considerably. Hydrolytic activity towards natural substrates expressed through glucoamylase and protease was approximately 10 fold lower in the non pigment producing strain (0.05 - 0.08 U/mg protein and 0.01 - 0.07 U/mg protein respectively) compared with the red one. Important qualitative differences between both strains was found in fatty acid composition and in the production of citrinin and monacolin. The mutant strain possessed C17, C20 and C22 fatty acids and did not produce citrinin.[1]


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