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Notch-regulated ankyrin-repeat protein inhibits Notch1 signaling: multiple Notch1 signaling pathways involved in T cell development.

We have characterized the function of Notch-regulated ankyrin-repeat protein (Nrarp) in mouse cell lines and in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Nrarp overexpression is able to block Notch- induced activation of CBF-1. In AKR1010 thymoma cells, Nrarp overexpression blocks CBF-1-dependent transcriptional activation of Notch-responsive genes and inhibits phenotypic changes associated with Notch activation. Enforced expression of Nrarp in mouse HSCs results in a profound block in T lineage commitment and progression through early stages of thymocyte maturation. In contrast, Deltex-1 overexpression in HSCs can also block T lineage commitment but not progression through the early double negative stages of thymocyte maturation. The different effects of Deltex-1 and Nrarp overexpression suggest that alternate Notch signaling pathways mediate T vs B lineage commitment and thymocyte maturation.[1]


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