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Gene Review

Nrarp  -  Notch-regulated ankyrin repeat protein

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2700054M22Rik, Notch-regulated ankyrin repeat-containing protein
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High impact information on Nrarp


Biological context of Nrarp

  • A 4.4 kb genomic fragment of the mouse Nrarp locus containing those conserved regions and fused to a luciferase reporter gene showed basal promoter activity in 293T cells and this activity was strongly increased by the intracellular domain of Notch, NICD [3].
  • We show here that both mouse and human promoter regions of Nrarp share two conserved regions located approximately 2 and approximately 3 kb upstream of the transcription start site each containing a perfect putative binding site for the Notch-dependent transcription factor Su(H) [3].

Anatomical context of Nrarp


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nrarp


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