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Vasopressin and the transmission of paternal behavior across generations in mated, cross-fostered Peromyscus mice.

The role of arginine vasopressin ( AVP) in the nongenomic transfer of paternal behavior from fathers to offspring was examined in Peromyscus. Male California mice (P. californicus) exposed to fewer retrievals by white-footed mouse (P. leucopus) foster parents displayed fewer retrievals of biological offspring. In contrast, white-footed mice were retrieved equally rarely by California mouse foster parents and by biological parents and displayed no changes in pup retrieval behavior. AVP-immunoreactive staining in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis may predict paternal behavior because it correlated positively with retrievals and with a score consisting of huddling, grooming, and time inside the nest. The authors discuss AVP as a possible mechanism by which early experience shapes adult paternal behavior.[1]


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