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An open trial of fluvoxamine for hypochondriasis.

The authors conducted a 12-week, open-label trial of fluvoxamine among 18 patients with DSM-IV hypochondriasis. Response was defined as a physician-rated CGI improvement rating of at least "much improved." Four patients discontinued during the 2-week placebo run-in phase. Among 14 patients given fluvoxamine, the response rate was 72.7% (N=8 of 11) for those completing at least 6 weeks of the trial (minimum-treatment analysis) and 57.1% (N=8 of 14) for the intent-to-treat analysis; these are comparable to rates reported previously for fluoxetine. Significant improvement was also noted on each of the self-report and physician-administered hypochondriasis measures. Fluvoxamine was also well tolerated. A controlled trial is needed.[1]


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