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Enhanced learning produced by injection of neurokinin substance P into the region of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis: mediation by the N-terminal sequence.

The effect of unilateral injection of the neurokinin substance P ( SP) and of certain N- or C-terminal SP-fragments into the region of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis (NBM) on inhibitory avoidance learning was investigated. Rats with chronically implanted cannulae were tested on a one-trial uphill avoidance task. Immediately after the training trial, rats were injected with 0.74 pmol SP or equimolar dosed SP(1-7), DIME-C7, or SP(7-11). Control groups included vehicle-injected rats and a group given an injection of SP(1-7) 5-h after the trial. When tested 24 h later, rats treated with SP or SP(1-7), but not with DIME-C7 or SP(7-11), exhibited longer step-up latencies than vehicle-treated controls. The retention latencies for rats in the SP(1-7) 5-h delay group did not differ from those of vehicle-injected animals, ruling out proactive effects of SP(1-7) on performance. The results show that SP facilitates retention of an inhibitory avoidance response when injected into the NBM. Furthermore, the amino acid sequence that encodes this effect may be located in the N-terminal part of the SP-molecule.[1]


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