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Control Groups

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Disease relevance of Control Groups


Psychiatry related information on Control Groups


High impact information on Control Groups

  • The net muscle-protein balance increased by 82 percent over base-line values in the propranolol group (P=0.002), whereas it decreased by 27 percent in the control group (P not significant) [11].
  • RESULTS: There was minimal change in the degree of pain in the lidocaine-only and control groups during and after the treatment period [12].
  • METHODS: We randomly assigned 19 patients with coronary endothelial dysfunction, indicated by abnormal acetylcholine-induced vasoconstriction, to an exercise-training group (10 patients) or a control group (9 patients) [13].
  • Coronary blood-flow reserve (the ratio of the mean peak flow velocity after adenosine infusion to the resting velocity) increased by 29 percent after four weeks of exercise (from 2.8+/-0.2 in the initial study to 3.6+/-0.2 after four weeks; P<0.01 for the comparison with the control group) [13].
  • RESULTS: The mean (+/-SD) global IQ scores were 118+/-17 in the children of mothers who received a tricyclic antidepressant drug, 117+/-17 in those whose mothers received fluoxetine, and 115+/-14 in those in the control group [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Control Groups


Biological context of Control Groups


Anatomical context of Control Groups

  • The percentage of T lymphocytes bearing histamine Type 2 receptors was lower in the atopic group than in the control group (P less than 0.001), but the percentage of cells with Type 1 receptors was the same in both groups [24].
  • In all 14 fibroblast strains from patients showing excessive production of uric acid (groups 3 and 4), rates of purine synthesis de novo and PP-ribose-P concentrations exceeded values for cells from control groups [25].
  • Compared with the control group, the tamoxifen group (P =.004) and the HRT group (P =.06) had lower concentrations of MI in their basal ganglia [26].
  • Topological analysis of amygdala isosurfaces (population averages) revealed that the isosurface of the cocaine-dependent group undercut the anterior and superior surfaces of the control group, implicating a difference in the corticomedial and basolateral nuclei [27].
  • When endogenous HGF was neutralized with a specific antibody, the number of myocyte cell deaths increased markedly, the infarct area expanded, and the mortality increased to 50%, as compared with a control group in which there was no mortality [28].

Associations of Control Groups with chemical compounds

  • A control group of 165 patients received standard medical treatment and infusion of 5 per cent glucose [29].
  • The mean one-year reduction in serum cholesterol was 10.2 percent in the sitostanol group, as compared with an increase of 0.1 percent in the control group [30].
  • Compared with base-line values, the mean reciprocal of the plasma creatinine level declined significantly in the control group (33 percent; P = 0.0002) but not in the treatment group (6 percent; P not significant) [31].
  • Four (19 per cent) of 21 methylprednisolone-treated, 7 (32 per cent) of 22 dexamethasone-treated, and none of 16 control patients had reversal of shock 24 hours after drug administration (corticosteroid groups vs. control group, P less than 0.05) [5].
  • Four children in the steroid group and seven in the control group eventually required esophageal replacement (P not significant) [32].

Gene context of Control Groups


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Control Groups


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