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Pyrrolizidine alkaloids as oviposition stimulants for the cinnabar moth, Tyria jacobaeae.

In choice experiments with artificial leaves, we tested related pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) for their stimulatory effects on the oviposition of the cinnabar moth, a specialist on the PA-containing plant Senecio jacobaea. The PAs from S. jacobaea that we tested stimulated oviposition. Monocrotaline also stimulated oviposition although this PA is not found in plants of the genus Senecio. The moths preferred ovipositing on filter paper with a PA mixture extracted from S. jacobaea to ovipositing on filter paper with single PAs. Senkirkine, heliotrine, and retrorsine did not stimulate oviposition. The nonactive retrorsine differs only in one OH group to the active senecionine, indicating that small structural differences alter the stimulatory activity of PAs. However, a PA mixture extracted from a nonhost plant, Senecio inaequidens, that consisted of 81% of the nonactive retrorsine did stimulate oviposition. Oviposition preferences between Senecio species seem to be determined by chemical compounds other than PAs.[1]


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