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Genetic and functional differences between multipotent neural and pluripotent embryonic stem cells.

Stem cells (SCs) are functionally defined by their abilities to self-renew and generate differentiated cells. Although much effort has been focused on defining the common characteristics among various types of SCs, the genetic and functional differences between multipotent and pluripotent SCs have garnered less attention. We report a direct genetic and functional comparison of molecularly defined and clonally related populations of neural SCs (NSCs) and embryonic SCs (ESCs), using the Sox2 promoter for isolation of purified populations by fluorescence-activated cell sorting. A stringent expression profile comparison of promoter-defined NSCs and ESCs revealed a striking dissimilarity, and subsequent chimera analyses confirmed the fundamental differences in cellular potency between these populations. This direct comparison elucidates the molecular basis for the functional differences in pluripotent ESCs and multipotent NSCs.[1]


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