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Asthma following household exposure to hydrofluoric acid.

BACKGROUND: Almost all reports of respiratory health effects of hydrofluoric acid are derived from industrial settings and usually involved massive and conspicuous exposures. In the present report we describe a case of adult-onset asthma immediately following use of a household rust stain remover that contained an 8-9% aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid (HF). METHODS: This is a case-report. A literature search of hydrogen fluoride, and reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) was performed. RESULTS: A previously healthy 26-year-old woman developed asthma immediately following inhalation exposure to hydrofluoric acid from a household cleaner, consistent with reactive airways dysfunction syndrome. The circumstances of exposure and possible mechanism of disease are discussed. CONCLUSIONS: It is likely that this patient's use of the rust stain remover resulted in inhalation exposure to hydrofluoric acid well above any applicable standard, and hence constituted a "high level" irritant exposure capable of inducing reactive airways dysfunction syndrome. In our opinion, the presence of this concentration hydrofluoric acid in a consumer product may be unduly hazardous.[1]


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