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Chemical Compound Review

AC1L3IHH     fluorane

Synonyms: 24993-08-6
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Disease relevance of hydrogen fluoride


Psychiatry related information on hydrogen fluoride

  • An apparatus for safe and convenient handling of anhydrous, liquid hydrogen fluoride at controlled temperatures and reaction times. Application to the generation of oligosaccharides from polysaccharides [6].

High impact information on hydrogen fluoride


Chemical compound and disease context of hydrogen fluoride


Biological context of hydrogen fluoride


Anatomical context of hydrogen fluoride


Associations of hydrogen fluoride with other chemical compounds


Gene context of hydrogen fluoride

  • When deglycosylated with hydrogen fluoride, both FR-gamma and FR-beta delta showed similar apparent molecular weights on Western blots as predicted for the intact polypeptides.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[29]
  • Analysis of these data with reference to the recently determined crystal structure of hydrogen fluoride-treated hCG enabled a distinction to be made of these possibilities for several of the amino groups [30].
  • These findings contrast with those obtained from hydrogen fluoride studies and indicate that the oligosaccharides, per se, do not play an obligatory role in the steroidogenic activity of LH [31].
  • Thermodynamics of hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen fluoride binding to cytochrome c peroxidase and its Asn-82-->Asp mutant [32].
  • In particular, hydrogen fluoride undergoes a weak-to-strong acidity transition with increasing concentration of HF To supplement the knowledge already obtained on dilute or moderately concentrated solutions and gas-phase aggregates, an equimolar mixture is studied here by Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of hydrogen fluoride

  • After deglycosylation by anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, the protein backbones were fractionated by reversed-phase HPLC [34].
  • Following native chemical ligation with a thioester-containing segment, the auxiliary group was cleanly removed from the newly formed amide bond by treatment with anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, yielding a full-length unmodified polypeptide product [35].
  • The analogues were cleaved from the resin with simultaneous deprotection by anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and purified to homogeneity in two stages: gel permeation followed by preparative reversed-phase liquid chromatography [36].
  • Cleavage from the solid support using hydrogen fluoride, followed by extraction and lyophilization, yields the desired bis-heterocyclic compounds in excellent yield and high purity [37].
  • In the present study, secretin and motilin were obtained in 16% and 10% yields, respectively, after simplified two-step purification of hydrogen fluoride-cleaved peptides by gel filtration followed by preparation high performance liquid chromatography [38].


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