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2-Chlorophenol oxidation kinetic by photo-assisted Fenton process.

Experimental data are presented to test and validate a kinetic model for the oxidation of 2-chlorophenol wastewater by photo-assisted Fenton process. The data showed that this process had produced good effects under acidic conductions. Up to 90% 2-chlorophenol was removed after 90-minute reaction time with H2O2 of 25% COD(Cr, in), while in UV/H2O2 system only 16.8% 2-chlorophenol was removed after one hour treatment. The optimal pH in this reaction occurred between pH 3.0 and pH 4. 0. The reaction kinetics for photo-assisted Fenton process experimented in this research was investigated. Kinetic models were proposed for the treatment of 2-chlorophenol wastewater. The reaction was found to follow the 2nd order. The equations of reaction kinetics are as follows: -d[RH]/dt = K(RH) [RH] [H2O2]0 exp(-K(H2O2) t); -d[COD(Cr)]/dt = K(COD(Cr)) [COD(Cr)] [H2O2]0 exp(-K' t). The prediction of the models was found to be in a good agreement with experimental results, thus confirming the proposed reaction mechanism.[1]


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