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Localization of the human UBC polyubiquitin gene to chromosome band 12q24.3.

The localization of specific human ubiquitin genes has not been straightforward because of the conservation of the ubiquitin coding sequence and the number of processed pseudogenes. An congruent to 1.4-kb sequence from the 5'-flanking region of the UBC gene has been shown to be unique to that locus and free from dispersed repeat elements. The cloned 5'-flanking fragment has been used to probe Southern blots of DNA obtained from somatic cell hybrid cell lines. These data indicate that the UBC gene is located on chromosome 12. In situ hybridization with the 5'-flanking probe has refined the assignment to the broad chromosomal subband 12q24. 3. These data show that the active ubiquitin genes are not clustered and are located on separate chromosomes. In addition, these studies demonstrate the utility of intron or flanking sequence probes in the specific chromosomal assignment of members of highly conserved gene families.[1]


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