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Steroid-dependent form of Kinsbourne syndrome: successful treatment with trazodone.

We report the case of a 19 month old girl with myoclonic encephalopathy of infants (MEI) (Kinsbourne syndrome), on long-term therapy with ACTH for the occurrence of frequent relapses (steroid-dependent form). The administration of trazodone per os at low doses as an alternative to the previous treatment ensured complete remission, also on the occasion of a subsequent relapse. No rebound effects were observed after trazodone withdrawal (10 months). At present, 3 years after withdrawal of the therapy, the child is well and free from symptoms. The hypothesis that trazodone may be effective in treating MEI, at least in cases that are steroid-dependent or resistant to ACTH, appears highly interesting. Trazodone is proposed as a possible alternative to treatment with ACTH.[1]


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