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Correlation of the photosynthetic reduction of p-(diazonium-) benzenesulfonic acid with the increased binding of the probe to the thylakoid membrane.

The reactions of chloroplast thylakoid lamellae with the chemical probe p-(diazonium-) benzenesulfonic acid (DABS) in the light have been reinvestigated. In contrast to a previous report, electron transport from a photosystem I electron donor to methylviologen was found to be inhibited by this treatment. During the incubation of chloroplasts with DABS in the light, the probe is altered with high rates. Under aerobic conditions, a concomitant oxygen uptake is observed, which is stoichiometric to the amount of DABS altered. Under anaerobic conditions, the binding of the 35S-labeled probe to the membranes in the light is stimulated 2-3 fold as compared to the binding under aerobic conditions. The data are taken as evidence that the photoreduction of the probe rather than a conformational change of the membrane may be at least partially responsible for the increased reagent binding observed in the light.[1]


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