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Gastrulation in the mouse: the role of the homeobox gene goosecoid.

Mouse goosecoid is a homeobox gene expressed briefly during early gastrulation. Its mRNA accumulates as a patch on the side of the epiblast at the site where the primitive streak is first formed. goosecoid-expressing cells are then found at the anterior end of the developing primitive streak, and finally in the anteriormost mesoderm at the tip of the early mouse gastrula, a region that gives rise to the head process. Treatment of early mouse embryos with activin results in goosecoid mRNA accumulation in the entire epiblast, suggesting that a localized signal induces goosecoid expression during development. Transplantation experiments indicate that the tip of the murine early gastrula is the equivalent of the organizer of the amphibian gastrula.[1]


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