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Molecular characterization of a recombinant HLA-DR1/DR2 haplotype.

Serologic analysis of two families identified an HLA-DR haplotype in which DR1 and DR2 cosegregated. DNA-RFLP analysis of these families with an HLA-DRB probe revealed a pattern of hybridization suggestive of a recombination between DR1 and DR15. Following amplification, cloning, and nucleotide sequencing of HLA-DRB-gene second-exon DNA sequences, three DRB amplification products associated with the novel haplotype were identified: these corresponded to DRB1*0101, DR2 pseudogene, and DRB5*0101. Clones representing the DRB1*1501 and DR1 pseudogenes were not identified: oligonucleotide typing with DRB1*1501-specific probes confirmed the absence of this gene within the DR1/DR2 haplotype. We postulate that the DR1/DR2 haplotype represents a recombinant between those of DR1-Dw1 and DR15-Dw2, and that the crossing-over may have been between the DRB1*0101 gene and the DR2 pseudogene. This is further supported by DNA-RFLP analysis with HLA-DQB and DQA CDNA probes, which revealed conserved linkage genes between the DQB1*0501, DQA1*0101, and DRB1*0101 genes.[1]


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