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Crossing Over, Genetic

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Biological context of Crossing Over, Genetic


Anatomical context of Crossing Over, Genetic

  • Ercc1 was expressed at a high level in the testis and the highest levels of Ercc1 protein occurred in germ cells following meiotic crossing over [16].
  • A Y + ve group of ten patients exhibit sex reversal as the result of transfer of the distal end of the short arm of the Y chromosome, including testis determining factors, to the short arm of one X-chromosome, presumably by accidental crossing-over in paternal meiosis [17].
  • These pairs were inherited with chimpanzee leukocyte antigen types C2 and BF variants without detectable crossing-over [18].
  • This would allow for crossing over of impulses from one nerve fiber to another and interaction between afferent and efferent axons, analogous to the situation of bare, uninsulated electrical wires plac[19]
  • Climbing fibers showed a characteristic crossing-over bifurcation pattern in the white matter and in the three-layer structure of cerebellar cortex, formation of tendril collaterals in the granular layer, topographical relationship with Purkinje cell soma and retrograde collaterals in the molecular layer [20].

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Gene context of Crossing Over, Genetic

  • Analysis of an mlh1 msh4 double mutant suggests that both genes act in the same pathway to promote crossing-over [26].
  • Absence of either of the meiosis-specific mutS homologs Msh4 or Msh5 results in a similar reduction in crossing-over [26].
  • Conversely, crossing-over in the mlh3 mutant is reduced to approximately 70% of wild-type levels but correction of heteroduplex is normal [27].
  • In a mlh2 mutant, crossing-over is normal and postmeiotic segregation is not observed but non-Mendelian segregation is elevated and altered with respect to parity [27].
  • The residual repair events in rad51 mutants were more frequently associated with crossing over than was observed in the wild-type strain, suggesting that the mechanisms for RAD51-dependent and RAD51-independent events are different [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Crossing Over, Genetic

  • Restriction mapping and allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization grossly defined the third intron as the probable crossing-over site and showed that MiV and MiV(J.L.) genes are arranged in the same 5' alpha-delta 3' frame whereas Sta gene is in a reciprocal 5'delta-alpha 3' configuration [29].


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