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The alpha 1-blocker dapiprazole inhibits diuresis but not drinking and feeding induced by U-50,488H.

To further explore the interaction between opiates and catecholamines in the control of water balance, we studied the effects of the alpha 1-adrenoceptor antagonist dapiprazole on the modifications in drinking and diuresis produced by U-50,488H (a selective kappa-opiate agonist), morphine, naloxone, and amphetamine in rats. Because animals were maintained in a free-feeding paradigm and water intake is also controlled by feeding (prandial drinking), food intake was also measured. At doses administered (3-6 mg/kg, IP), dapiprazole had no effect on basal food and water intake or on diuresis. Nor did it modify changes in feeding and drinking produced by U-50,488H, morphine, naloxone, and amphetamine. It did, however, antagonize the diuretic effect of both U-50,488H and amphetamine. In addition, suppression of diuresis was obtained by combining doses of dapiprazole and morphine or naloxone that were devoid of antidiuretic effects when administered independently. A further experiment showed that diuresis produced by water load was also prevented by dapiprazole. alpha 1-Adrenoceptors thus appear to play a role in the regulation of water balance in a condition of free access to water, inhibiting diuresis without affecting drinking.[1]


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