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Construction of Salmonella strains with both antigen O4 (of group B) and antigen O9 (of group D).

A Salmonella live vaccine causing both O4- and O9-specific immune responses would be of use, but no reported Salmonella serotype has both of these O antigens. Constructed Salmonella typhimurium strains with an rfb (O-antigen-specifying) gene cluster of type D in the chromosome and one of type B in an F'-rfb+ factor, and those with the reverse combination reacted strongly with both anti-O4 (and anti-O5) and anti-O9 sera and, if they carried recA, could be maintained in this state by growth conditions selective for retention of the F' factor. One of the two B.rfb+ gene clusters of a (P22-lysogenic) S. typhimurium strain with a tandem duplication of a chromosomal segment including hisD and B.rfb+ was replaced (by transduction) by a D.rfb+ gene cluster; the resulting strain was O1+ O4+ O5+ O9+ and stable as such after being made recA. A stable O4+ O9+ derivative of a virulent S. enteritidis (O-group D) strain was made by transducing into it first the join point of an appropriate tandem duplication strain, together with the adjacent B.rfb+ gene cluster, and then srl::Tn10 recA.[1]


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