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Two chicken monoclonal antibodies specific for heterophil Hanganutziu-Deicher antigens.

Two chicken monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), HU/Ch2-7 and HU/Ch6-1, against heterophil Hanganutziu-Deicher (HD) antigens with N-glycolylneuraminic acid (NeuGc) at a terminal carbohydrate were established by cell fusions using chicken B cell lines lacking thymidine kinase and spleen cells from chickens immunized with II3NeuGc alpha-LacCer ( HD3). The reactivities of these MAbs against several gangliosides including NeuGc-containing glycosphingolipids were examined by a thin-layer chromatography/immunostaining method. MAb HU/Ch2-7 (IgG) reacted strongly with HD3 and IV3NeuGc alpha-nLc4Cer (HD5) and weakly with VI3NeuGc alpha-nLc6Cer (HD7) and 4-O-acetyl-HD3. HU/Ch6-1 (IgG) reacted with HD3 and HD5, but did not react with the other HD antigens. The reactivities of these MAbs against HD antigen were greatly reduced by pre-treatment of the antigen with neuraminidase. These MAbs did not react with N-acetylneuraminic acid-containing gangliosides (GM1 and GM3). These results indicate that these two chicken MAbs are directed toward the antigenic epitope containing the NeuGc.[1]


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