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Posttympanostomy otorrhea: the efficacy of canal preparation.

Otorrhea is the most common posttympanostomy complication. This study is designed to determine the efficacy of canal preparation prior to tympanostomy tube placement. One hundred thirty ears were prospectively randomized into prepared (Betadine and alcohol) and nonprepared (control) groups. Cultures obtained before, during, and after preparation were analyzed to determine the external canal flora and effectiveness of sterilization. Prepared ears and nonprepared control ears were examined for relation to otorrhea. Forty percent of the canals were sterile before preparation, and only 8% harbored suspected pathogenic organisms. Canal preparation successfully sterilized only 33% of the ears that contained bacteria. There was no difference in the otorrhea incidence among treatment groups (9.8%). Based on these bacteriologic and clinical findings, it is concluded that canal preparation with Betadine and alcohol does not reduce posttympanostomy otorrhea.[1]


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