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Psychomotor performance in smokers following single and repeated doses of nicotine gum.

The psychomotor effects of single and repeated doses of 2 mg nicotine gum were investigated in 13 regular smokers who had abstained from tobacco overnight. In comparison to baseline, a first dose of nicotine led to significantly raised critical flicker fusion thresholds, faster motor reaction times, improved compensatory tracking performance, and faster short-term memory reaction times. Performance after a second and third dose of nicotine remained significantly improved on all measures in comparison to baseline, and absolutely improved when comparing first and third nicotine doses on measures of sensorimotor performance. Throughout, comparisons with a placebo gum condition confirmed that these effects were genuine and not subject to the development of acute nicotine tolerance, suggesting that the enhancement of psychomotor performance experienced by smokers after a first cigarette may be maintained by repeated smoking.[1]


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