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Memory, Short-Term

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Disease relevance of Memory, Short-Term

  • The concentration of sICAM-5 correlated with the performance in the immediate recall task (p = 0.013) and with the leukocyte count in the CSF (p = 0.02), especially in cases caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV) (r = 0.94; p = 0.002) [1].
  • Forty-three patients with multiple sclerosis showed disturbances in short-term memory, learning, and delayed recall which were associated with years of active disease (average was 4.5 years), age, presence of flareup, but not steroid/ACTH treatment [2].
  • OBJECTIVE: To examine effects of donepezil on short-term memory and sustained attention in postacute patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) [3].
  • In this study the anticholinergic drug, trihexyphenidyl, at low doses when administered chronically for one month to Parkinson disease patients caused a decrease in performance on recent but not immediate memory tests [4].
  • The interaction between the avitaminosis and ethanol neurotoxicity exerted its effects through the inhibition of the development of the intermediate (ITM) stage of memory (i.e., following 10 min after training), consequently affecting development of the long-term stage of memory and leaving the short-term memory stage intact [5].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Memory, Short-Term

  • Severe tissue necrosis after cisplatin extravasation at low concentration: possible "immediate recall phenomenon" [16].
  • Methadone subjects performed significantly poorer on several tests of learning and immediate recall compared to absitinent subjects [17].
  • Additional experiments showed that anisomycin and Rp-cAMPS interfered with long-term memory (LTM), but not short-term memory (STM), of fear and that the effect on LTM was specific to memory consolidation processes rather than to deficits in sensory or performance processes [18].
  • In contrast, little is known about the role of DA in modulating other executive aspects of working memory such as the use of short-term memory to guide action [19].
  • The second half of the symposium consisted of papers on the state-of-the-art developments in the application of molecular biology to the studies of the atrial natriuretic factor and renin genes, adenylate cyclase-coupled adrenergic receptors, acetylcholine receptors and sodium channel, and long-term and short-term memories [20].

Biological context of Memory, Short-Term


Anatomical context of Memory, Short-Term

  • A role in learning for SRF: deletion in the adult forebrain disrupts LTD and the formation of an immediate memory of a novel context [26].
  • As infusions of the GR agonist into the hippocampus 60 min before training did not influence water-maze acquisition or immediate recall, the findings indicated that the GR agonist-induced retention impairment was induced selectively by an influence on information retrieval [27].
  • The membrane may serve as a short-term memory of peptides from antigens encountered by the presenting cell, for dynamic sampling by MHC molecules to be available for presentation to T cells [28].
  • In this paper we provide evidence that noradrenaline acts at beta1-ARs in the basal ganglia (lobus parolfactorius or medial striatum) in short-term memory processing immediately post-training and demonstrate inhibition of memory by selective AR antagonists at particular times in the sequential memory processing sequence after training [29].
  • We have been able to reproduce short-term memory deficits in our rat intravenous model of prenatal cocaine exposure, and as short-term memory is dependent on the function of dopamine neurons innervating the medial prefrontal cortex, we hypothesized that prenatal cocaine induces a dysfunction in the regulation of this pathway [30].

Gene context of Memory, Short-Term

  • Gdi1-deficient mice are impaired in tasks requiring formation of short-term temporal associations, suggesting a defect in short-term memory [31].
  • Interestingly, reduced LTP paralleled plaque appearance and increased Abeta levels and abnormal short-term memory (working memory) [32].
  • No changes in measures of anxiety, hunger, or short-term memory were observed at doses of L-365,260 shown to have antagonist activity at the CCK-B receptor [33].
  • In contrast, CTSD T/APOEepsilon4-positive volunteers scored lower on tests of fluid intelligence (P = 0.015), processing speed (ACT, P = 0.001; RL, P = 0.013) and immediate recall (P = 0.029) [34].
  • Volado mutants display impaired olfactory memories within 3 min of training, indicating that the integrin is required for short-term memory processes [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Memory, Short-Term


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