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Purification and characterization of zeta-crystallin/ quinone reductase from guinea pig liver.

zeta-Crystallin, a major lens protein of certain mammalian species, has recently been characterized as a novel and active NADPH:quinone oxidoreductase. Here we report the purification of this protein from guinea pig liver by utilizing sequentially: ammonium sulphate precipitation, Blue Sepharose affinity, cation exchange and hydrophobic chromatography steps. This four-step isolation procedure yielded 118-fold purification and a specific activity of 6 U/mg protein when assayed in the presence of 9,10-phenanthrenequinone. Kinetic, immunological and physical properties of this protein have been found to be identical with those of guinea pig lens zeta-crystallin. Western blot analysis using antibodies raised against zeta-crystallin peptides demonstrated the presence of substantial amounts of this protein in human liver homogenates.[1]


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