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Group I introns within the nuclear-encoded small-subunit rRNA gene of three green algae.

Four group I introns from the nuclear-encoded (18S) rRNA genes of three chlorophycean green algae are described; two are in Dunaliella parva, and one each is in D. salina and Characium saccatum. The introns within the gene in the latter two organisms are located at the sites equivalent to the 5' and 3' introns of D. parva, respectively. All four introns lack open reading frames and are relatively small, 381-447 bp. Both primary- and secondary-structural features place these introns within subgroup IC1 described by Michel and Westhof. Phylogenetic relationships of the three intron-containing taxa and their relatives, as inferred from comparisons of 18S rDNA sequences, suggest that inheritance of the introns along with the gene can account for their present distribution. The discovery of these four introns, in addition to two others known to exist in other chlorophycean green algae, suggests that group I introns within the 18S rRNA gene may be relatively common in the green algae.[1]


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