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Serotonin reduces potassium current in rutabaga and wild-type Drosophila neurons.

The Drosophila learning mutant rutabaga is defective in short-term memory and has a reduced intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) concentration. The delayed-rectifier potassium current (IKDR) was measured from cultured (2 days) wild-type and rutabaga neurons. IKDR was smaller in rutabaga neurons (382 +/- 41 pA) than in wild-type neurons (542 +/- 33 pA). IKDR was measured from neurons before and after addition of serotonin to the external solution. IKDR was reduced by serotonin in wild type (decreasing 37 +/- 7%) and rutabaga (decreasing 33 +/- 6%) neurons (single-cell studies). In the presence of serotonin, IKDR was smaller in rutabaga (218 +/- 24 pA) than in wild-type (426 +/- 35 pA) neurons (population studies). These results indicate that serotonin has affected IKDR so that the inherent difference between the two genotypes was preserved.[1]


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