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Pesticide exposure and neuropsychological impairment in migrant farm workers.

The chronic, long-term effects from exposure to many frequently used pesticides have yet to be fully documented. Migrant Hispanic farm workers who are the frequent victims of such exposures are rarely studied. A neuropsychological test battery was administered to 21 migrant farm workers acutely exposed to Phosdrin, Lannate and Maneb on two occasions, and to 11 controls matched for age, sex, education, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. Results revealed that two years after the pesticide exposures, the exposed group was significantly more impaired than controls on tests of psychomotor speed, dexterity, and visuospatial memory. Disturbing emotional symptoms were reported with significantly greater frequency by the exposed group in comparison to controls. Results are consistent with the previously reported constellation of symptoms and neuropsychological deficits associated with pesticide exposure.[1]


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