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Chemical Compound Review

SPECTRUM330060     (1- methylsulfanylethylideneamino) N...

Synonyms: AC1NSEN4, BSPBio_002461, CCG-39410, BIDD:ER0389, (Z)-Methomyl, ...
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High impact information on Lannate

  • This study demonstrated that the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) blocking is more frequently seen in P, P+M and P+F poisoning than in M and F poisoning, and that SSFEMG is a more sensitive electrophysiological method than RNS for detecting neuromuscular transmission blockage in myasthenia rats with acute insecticides poisoning [3].
  • Methomyl (CAS No. 16752-77-5, Lannate) in the biological materials was analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry [4].
  • The KI was greater than Ki indicating that lannate has a greater affinity of binding for the peripheral site than the active site of the camel retina AChE [5].
  • The combined ingestion of Lannate and ethanol resulted in some interactions both in female and male rats, however, sex differences were apparent regarding certain parameters [6].


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