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Preparation and characterization of porous hollow silica nanoparticles for drug delivery application.

Porous hollow silica nanoparticles (PHSNP) with a diameter of 60-70 nm and wall thickness of approximately 10nm were synthesized by using CaCO(3) nano-particles as the inorganic template. The characterization of PHSNP by TEM and BET indicated that PHSNP were uniform spherical particles with good dispersion, and had a specific surface area of 867 m(2)/g. The as-synthesized PHSNP were subsequently employed as drug carrier to investigate in vitro release behavior of cefradine in simulated body fluid. UV-spectrometry and TG analyses were performed to determine the amount of cefradine entrapped in the carrier. The BJH pore size distribution of PHSNP before and after entrapping cefradine was examined. Cefradine release profile from PHSNP followed a three-stage pattern and exhibited a delayed release effect.[1]


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