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Cutting edge: gamma delta T cells provide help to B cells with altered clonotypes and are capable of inducing Ig gene hypermutation.

It has not been resolved whether gammadelta T cells can collaborate with germinal center B cells and support Ig hypermutation during an Ab response to a truly defined T-dependent Ag. In this study, we show that in the absence of alphabeta T cells, immunization with the well-defined T-dependent Ag, (4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl) acetyl (NP) conjugate, was able to induce Ig hypermutation. However, the clonotypes of B cells responding to NP were dramatically altered in TCR beta(-/-) mice. Unlike B cells in wild-type mice that use canonical VDJ rearrangements, most NP-responding B cells in mutant mice use analog genes of the J558 gene family. In addition, the majority of anti-NP Abs produced in mutant mice use kappaL chain instead of lambda1L chain, which dominates in mice of Igh(b) background. Thus, the B cell population that collaborates with gammadelta T cells is distinct from B cells interacting with conventional alphabeta Th cells.[1]


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