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Static stance response to different types of foot orthoses.

Many different types of foot orthoses are used to treat biomechanical dysfunction of the foot. Little evidence is available to guide clinicians in the selection of foot orthoses. The aim of this project was to determine whether resistance of the foot to supination or the Foot Posture Index could predict the static stance response to different types of prefabricated foot orthoses. The Foot Posture Index score was determined and resistance to supination was measured in 18 subjects (36 feet). Changes in the frontal plane calcaneal angle and navicular height were then measured as the subjects stood on six different types of foot orthoses. All orthoses resulted in an increase in navicular height, but only three orthoses changed the calcaneal angle in the frontal plane. Resistance to supination did not predict the response to the different types of orthoses, but the Foot Posture Index score was associated with changes from using some of the orthoses.[1]


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