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Identification of the several new radicals formed in the reaction mixture of oxidized linoleic acid with ferrous ions using HPLC-ESR and HPLC-ESR-MS.

ESR, HPLC-ESR and HPLC-ESR-MS analyses were performed for the reaction mixtures of oxidized linoleic acid with ferrous ions combined use of spin trapping technique. More than 14 peaks were detected on the HPLC-ESR elution profile. In addition to 7-carboxyheptyl and pentyl radicals, several new radicals such as 7-carboxyldihydroxyheptyl, 1,5-dihydroxypentyl, 8-carboxy-1-hydroxyoctyl, 7-carboxy-1-hydroxyheptyl, 1-hydroxypentyl and 1-hydroxyhexyl were identified using HPLC-ESR and HPLC-ESR-MS.[1]


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