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Open sky Müller's muscle-conjunctiva resection for ptosis surgery.

PURPOSE: We describe a surgical technique for ptosis correction in moderate to good levator function involving resection of Müller's muscle of the upper eyelid. This is a substantial modification of the technique described by Putterman. We then present our experience of and the results from this method. METHODS: A subtotal resection of Müller's muscle plus underlying conjunctiva is performed under direct visualisation. The muscle stump is reattached to the tarsus and the sutures passed through to the skin crease. In those cases where the phenylephrine test was positive to a level less than the desired lid height, a 1 mm of strip of tarsus is included in the tissue resection. The sutures are removed between 5 days and 3 weeks postoperatively allowing control over lid height and contour. A total of 61 eyes of 48 patients underwent this procedure. RESULTS: Of 61 eyelids, 56 undergoing this procedure were within 0.5 mm of the desired end point, giving a success rate of 92%. Of 61 eyelids, 60 were within 1 mm of the desired height. Preoperative phenylephrine 10% was highly predictive of postoperative lid height (58/61). An excellent lid contour was noted in all cases (61/61). CONCLUSIONS: We present a new approach to ptosis correction using Müller's muscle. It has a high success rate and good cosmetic outcome. It is technically straightforward and easy to learn.[1]


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