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Functional polymorphisms in the sigma1 receptor gene associated with alcoholism.

BACKGROUND: Sigma1 receptors are involved in the pathogenesis of drug abuse. Two polymorphisms (GC-241-240TT and Gln2Pro) in the sigma1 receptor gene (SIGMAR1) have been identified. To investigate the role of SIGMAR1 in conveying susceptibility to alcoholism, we performed a functional analysis of polymorphisms in the SIGMAR1 and a case-control study. METHODS: We initially screened for polymorphisms in the 5'-upstream region. The effects of the polymorphisms on transcriptional activity were determined using a gene reporter assay. The distribution of SIGMAR1 polymorphisms was analyzed in 307 alcoholic and 302 control subjects. RESULTS: A novel T-485A polymorphism was identified. The transcriptional activity of the A-485 allele and the TT-241-240 allele was significantly reduced compared with that of the T-485 allele and the GC-241-240 allele. The frequencies of the A-485 allele (chi2=5.575, df=1, p=.0205) and the TT-241-240/Pro2 haplotype (chi2=21.464, df=1, p<.0001) were significantly higher in control subjects compared with alcoholic subjects.The T-485A and the GC-241-240TT may be functional polymorphisms, and the A-485 allele and TT-241-240/Pro2 haplotype are possible protective factors for the development of alcoholism.[1]


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