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Cyclins and cdc2 kinases in Drosophila: genetic analyses in a higher eukaryote.

Cyclin proteins and the kinases with which they associate are encoded by gene families in multicellular eukaryotes. A variety of cyclin/kinase complexes with different functions may exist. We have started a genetic dissection of this complexity in Drosophila. We have done experiments to investigate a potential functional overlap between two kinases (Dmcdc2 and Dmcdc2c) and two cyclins (cyclin A and cyclin B). No functional overlap was observed between the Dmcdc2 and the Dmcdc2c kinases. The phenotype resulting from mutations in Dmcdc2 was not affected by altering the level of Dmcdc2c. Our results concerning cyclin A and cyclin B strongly suggest that these two cyclins have largely overlapping functions. Cell proliferation was observed in the absence of either cyclin A or cyclin B, but not if both cyclins were absent. Cyclin A also has essential functions that cannot be taken over by cyclin B, but these functions appear to be required at defined developmental stages in specific tissues only.[1]


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