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Bayesian estimation of streptomycin pharmacokinetics.

Streptomycin dose requirements were determined in an 83-year-old man with renal impairment who was being treated for miliary tuberculosis. Concentration measurements were interpreted using a Bayesian parameter estimation program. Estimated creatinine clearance (1.1 L/h) was used as a starting value for streptomycin clearance, and volume was initially assumed to be 0.3 L/kg. Bayesian estimates of clearance were close to the starting value and declined from 1.4 L/h to 0.9 L/h during the course of therapy. Volume was higher than the initial estimate (0.4-0.5 L/kg), possibly due to the patient having a low albumin and being underweight. Satisfactory concentrations were maintained for several weeks with doses of 500 mg every 36-48 h.[1]


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