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Positron emission tomography examination of cerebral blood flow and glucose metabolism in young CADASIL patients.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: CADASIL causes repeated ischemic strokes leading to subcortical vascular dementia. The purpose of this study was to assess whether cerebral blood flow (CBF) and regional cerebral metabolic rates of glucose (rCMR(gluc)) in CADASIL patients are affected in early adulthood. METHODS: CBF and rCMR(gluc) were examined with positron emission tomography in correlation with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 14 adult (19 to 41 years) CADASIL patients with the Notch3 R133C mutation. Seven patients had experienced transient ischemic attack and 3 had experienced > or =1 strokes. RESULTS: The mean CBF in the CADASIL patients was significantly lower in both frontal (P=0.019) and occipital (P=0.009) white matter (WM) than those in the controls. CBF decreased significantly with increased severity of the disease. The patients had lower mean rCMR(gluc) values than the controls, although differences were not statistically significant. Sum scores of semiquantitative MRI rating scale (Scheltens) correlated significantly with WM CBF but not with rCMR(gluc). CONCLUSIONS: In CADASIL, there is an early and significant decrease in the CBF of WM associated with simultaneous MRI changes. These are obviously caused by the arteriopathy in long penetrating arteries and indicate early tissue damage, also expressed as impaired rCMR(gluc) in the WM.[1]


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