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The effect of occlusal discrepancies on gingival width.

BACKGROUND: A relationship between occlusal forces and gingival recession has been postulated in the past. However, minimal data are available to demonstrate a causal relationship between occlusal forces and recession. METHODS: The records from a private practice limited to periodontics were reviewed to find patients who had complete periodontal examination records, including occlusal analysis and gingival width, that were recorded at least 1 year apart. Patients who fit this criteria were divided into those who had none of the recommended treatment (untreated, n = 30), those who had only non-surgical treatment (partially treated, n = 20), and a control group who had completed all recommended surgical and non-surgical treatment (completely treated, n = 41). The data for each tooth of each patient, including occlusal status and gingival width, were placed in a database and analyzed for a relationship between occlusal discrepancies and changes in gingival width. RESULTS: No statistically significant relationship was detected between the presence of occlusal discrepancies and initial width of the gingival tissue (P = 0.414) or between occlusal treatment and changes in the width of the gingiva (P = 0.481). CONCLUSION: Based on the current study, there does not appear to be a relationship between occlusal discrepancies and gingival recession.[1]


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