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Norepinephrine release is reduced by I(1)-receptors in addition to alpha(2)-adrenoceptors.

In pithed spontaneous hypertensive rats, noradrenaline overflow was diminished by moxonidine even when alpha(2)-adrenoceptors were blocked quantitatively using phenoxybenzamine, suggesting an I(1)-receptor-mediated mechanism of noradrenaline release. This hypothesis was confirmed, since the noradrenaline overflow was (1) increased under alpha(2)-adrenoceptors blockade by the mixed I(1)/alpha(2)-antagonists efaroxan or idazoxan, (2) still reduced by moxonidine when both alpha(2)- and I(1)-receptors were blocked, and (3) diminished by agmatine after pretreatment with phenoxybenzamine, but not with AGN192403. An indirect ganglionic I(1)-receptor-mediated mechanism of noradrenaline release is supposed.[1]


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