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A tRNA(TRP) gene mediates the suppression of cbs2-223 previously attributed to ABC1/COQ8.

The Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene ABC1 was originally isolated as a multicopy suppressor of a yeast strain harboring a mutation in a cytochrome b translational activator (cbs2-223). Based on this identification, Abc1p was postulated to activate the bc1 complex and function as a chaperone of cytochrome b. ABC1 was subsequently identified as COQ8 and found to be necessary for yeast coenzyme Q synthesis. In this work we show that a segment of yeast genomic DNA containing ABC1/COQ8 and neighboring genes suppresses the respiratory and Q-deficient phenotypes of the coq6 mutant, coq6-1. COQ6 is essential for yeast coenzyme Q biosynthesis. We show that a tRNA(TRP) gene located downstream of ABC1/COQ8 mediates suppression of the cbs2-223 and coq6-1 mutations, and each is identified here as containing UGA nonsense codons. The inability of ABC1/COQ8 to suppress the cbs2-223 allele in multicopy indicates it may not be a chaperone as previously reported.[1]


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