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Prostate cancer and polymorphism D85Y in gene for dihydrotestosterone degrading enzyme UGT2B15: Frequency of DD homozygotes increases with Gleason Score.

BACKGROUND: Although, a functional rationale for influence of polymorphism D85Y in gene UGT2B15 on prostate cancer (PCa) exists (different V(max) of enzyme), conflicting results have been reported. METHODS: DNA from 178 controls and 206 PCa patients with known Gleason score were genotyped using a newly developed RFLP assay, which allowed the detection of both alleles in an individual after single PCR amplification. RESULTS: Controls: 16% DD, 52% DY; PCa patients: 23% DD, 49% DY. Subgroups of PCa: well differentiated: 11% DD, 37% DY; moderately differentiated: 22% DD, 50% DY; poorly differentiated: 34% DD, 50% DY. Correlation was confirmed between Gleason score and number of D alleles (P = 0.018) and persisted after age adjustment. When comparing controls to patients with a Gleason score of 7 or more, difference for the frequency of homozygosity DD was significant between the groups (P = 0.032, OR = 2.04). CONCLUSIONS: Polymorphism D85Y in gene UGT2B15 correlates with differentiation of PCa.[1]


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