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Direct analysis of the genes encoding G proteins G alpha T2, G alpha o, G alpha Z in ADHD.

We have followed up the extensive replicated evidence that the dopamine DRD4 receptor is involved in the aetiology of ADHD by undertaking direct analysis of genes encoding other proteins in this effector system. We prioritised the genes encoding G protein alpha subunits G alpha(T2), G alpha(o), G alpha(Z) as these have been shown to transduce the effects of ligand binding at DRD4. We screened the exons of all three genes for sequence variation in 28 unrelated subjects with ADHD and identified 13 novel polymorphisms. All were tested for possible association with ADHD using a combination of pooled and individual genotyping. The results of our study do not suggest that polymorphisms in these genes contribute to susceptibility to ADHD.[1]


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