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Functional analysis of a rice putative voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel, OsTPC1, expressed in yeast cells lacking its homologous gene CCH1.

We isolated a cDNA (OsTPC1) from rice that was homologous to AtTPC1, a putative voltage-dependent Ca(2+) channel (VDCC) gene of Arabidopsis thaliana. The hydropathy profile of its deduced amino acid sequence showed significant structural features of the alpha 1-subunit of animal VDCCs. Functional analysis using a heterologous yeast expression system showed that OsTPC1 facilitates Ca(2+) permeation. The K(m) value for Ca(2+) of OsTPC1, 47.5 micro M, was comparable to that of intrinsic CCH1, a candidate VDCC in yeast. Ca(2+) permeation by OsTPC1 was inhibited by verapamil, a VDCC blocker. These findings indicate for the first time that OsTPC1 is a putative VDCC in rice.[1]


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