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Speech perception and speech intelligibility in children after cochlear implantation.

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate the long-term speech perception and speech intelligibility of congenitally and prelingually deaf children after cochlear implantation. It was a longitudinal study following 63 congenitally or prelingually deaf children up to 5 years after implantation. They each received a nucleus multichannel cochlear implant before they were 10 years old. METHODS: Perception is evaluated using the Test for the Evaluation of Voice Perception and Production (TEPP) and concerns closed- and open-set word and sentence perception without lip-reading. The intelligibility is classified according to the Speech Intelligibility Rating (SIR). The evaluations have been made every 3 months for 1 year, then at 18 months, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years after the cochlear implantation. RESULTS: After 5 years of implantation, the median percentage of closed-words speech perception (CSW) is 95.5%-93.67% for closed-sentence speech perception (CSS) and 76.3% for open-sentence speech perception (OSS); the median Speech Intelligibility Rating is 3.83. CONCLUSIONS: Congenitally and prelingually deaf children who receive cochlear implant before the age of 10 years develop speech perception and speech intelligibility abilities. The closed-set perception progresses quickly and seems to reaching a plateau at 5 years post implantation. The improvement of open-sentence perception is not significant until the first year post implantation. The speech intelligibility improves regularly the five first year post implantation.[1]


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