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E4BP4 expression is regulated by the t(17;19)- associated oncoprotein E2A-HLF in pro-B cells.

The E4BP4 basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor is regulated by interleukin-3 (IL-3) in pro-B cells and has been reported to promote survival of the murine IL-3-dependent pro-B cell lines, FL5.12 and Baf-3. The E2A-HLF oncoprotein arises from a t(17;19) translocation in childhood pro-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and acts as an anti-apoptotic factor in FL5.12 and Baf-3 cells. To assess the functions of E2A-HLF and E4BP4 in cell survival, a tetracycline-inducible system was established in Baf-3 cells to express E4BP4 or E2A-HLF. Upon IL-3 withdrawal, expression of E2A-HLF conferred resistance to apoptosis whereas overexpression of E4BP4 did not. E4BP4 and E2A-HLF both recognized the same DNA sequence in reporter gene assays, but had opposite effects on transcription. E2A-HLF acts as a transcriptional activator and E4BP4 as a transcriptional repressor. Furthermore, E4BP4 is a downstream transcriptional target of E2A-HLF. Our data suggests that the overexpression of E4BP4 is unable to block apoptosis induced by IL-3 withdrawal and that the expression of E2A-HLF does not replace the function of E4BP4 in mediating survival.[1]


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