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Efficacy and safety assessment of a new liquid tooth whitening gel containing 5.9% hydrogen peroxide.

PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new 5.9% hydrogen peroxide liquid, invisible gel, (Colgate Simply-White Whitening Gel). METHODS: A total of 30 subjects were enrolled into the study and divided into two treatment groups (Colgate vs. placebo gel). Efficacy was assessed using VITA shade scores and safety evaluations were performed including the examination of plaque index (PI), bleeding index ( BOP), gingival recession and dentin hypersensitivity. Statistical analysis was performed to determine the mean change from baseline. RESULTS: The new whitening gel containing 5.9% hydrogen peroxide was significantly effective in lightening tooth shade. After only 2 weeks, patients enrolled in the study exhibited an overall mean 4.48-shade improvement from baseline, which was significantly greater than placebo group and far exceeded the ADA minimum requirements to claim "clinical efficacy". In the new Colgate Simply White Clear Whitening Gel group, periodontal health (PI and BOP) improved with time overall. Moreover, dentin hypersensitivity did not significantly increase, and all treatments were generally well tolerated. CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The new Colgate Simply White whitening gel containing 5.9% hydrogen peroxide allowed consistent bleaching using minimal contact time, without adversely impacting overall tolerability.[1]


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