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Evaluation of drug information databases for personal digital assistants.

PURPOSE: Core and supplemental drug information databases available for use with personal digital assistants (PDAs) were evaluated. METHODS: Ten core (or standalone) databases, six drug interaction analyzers, and three dietary supplement databases used with the Palm and Pocket PC operating systems were selected for study. The databases were rated for scope (the absence or presence of an answer to a drug information question), completeness (the comprehensiveness of an answer), and ease of use (the number of hypertext links needed to reach the desired answer). A total of 14 weighted categories, consisting of 146 and 30 drug questions for the core and supplemental databases, respectively, were used to determine the overall scores. RESULTS: The best overall performers were, in order of total scores, Lexi-Drugs Platinum, Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia, ePocrates Rx Pro, and Clinical Pharmacology OnHand. The databases with the lowest composite scores were Triple i Prescribing Guide and A2Z Drugs. CONCLUSION: Drug information databases for PDAs varied in scope, completeness, and ease of use. The results may help clinicians find the most appropriate product for their practice setting.[1]


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