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Capillary-assembled microchip for universal integration of various chemical functions onto a single microfluidic device.

A novel concept for assembling various chemical functions onto a single microfluidic device is proposed. The concept, called a capillary-assembled microchip, involves embedding chemically functionalized capillaries into a lattice microchannel network fabricated on poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS). The network has the same channel dimensions as the outer dimensions of the capillaries. In this paper, we focus on square capillaries to be embedded into a PDMS microchannel network having a square cross section. The combination of hard glass square capillary and soft square PDMS channel allows successful fabrication of a microfluidic device without any solution leakage, and which can use diffusion-based two-solution mixing. Two different types of chemically modified capillaries, an ion-sensing capillary and a pH-sensing capillary, are prepared by coating a hydrophobic plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) membrane and a hydrophilic poly(ethyleneglycol) membrane containing functional molecules onto the inner surface of capillaries. Then, they are cut into appropriate lengths and arranged on a single microchip to prepare a dual-analyte sensing system. The concept proposed here offers advantages inherent to using a planar microfluidic device and of chemical functionality of immobilized molecules. Therefore, we expect to fabricate various types of chemically functionalized microfluidic devices soon.[1]


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